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Welcome to Your Library!

   We are here for you throughout the Pandemic. For library hours & services during this time, please scroll down the page. 

Access My Account 

You can apply for a temporary library card during the Pandemic by clicking "access your record" below and then by clicking "Self Registration" at the bottom of the page.                       

Browse the Catalog here.            

With your Library Card, you may access your record on the Northern Waters Library Network to:

  • View your patron record.
  • Locate, place holds and receive library materials from our library and other NWLS/Northern Waters Library Network libraries.
  • Borrow e-Books after setting up an account at Wisconsin Digital Library.
  • Find due dates for items checked out on your card.
  • Renew items if others aren't waiting for them.

We are a member of the Northern Waters Library Servicea consortium of 29 libraries!


Job Opening at the Library-

click here




Please click on the following link to make your own appoint-ment for curbside: https://calendly.com/haywardlibrarycurbside 

Or call us 715-634-2161.

Thank you! 









 Sign up for the Zoom Storytime with Ann at this link:






 Want better home internet?

We’re working on it and you can help. Three clicks, no questions. It’s that easy. Take the home internet speed test today https://speed.measurementlab.net/#/ 




General Directions for Using Princh

The Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library is holding a trial run on a     new printing app called Princh starting January 4, 2021. 

Princh is a convenient app for those who want the convenience of printing from home, your car, or frankly anywhere, even at the library from your     own device.

There is no need for you to log on to one of the library’s computers to access the file that you want to print. You won’t have to email us your file to have us print it. You can access it all from Princh.

Payment for printing will also not be an issue since Princh has integrated electronic payment. This allows users to easily pay from any device or PC—just like online shopping—and there’s no need to set-up payment agreements or provide POS (point of sales) hardware to accept transactions via cash, credit/debit card, PayPal, and various payment apps. You can even have the choice of paying by cash, although while we are at curbside service, we ask that you do not choose that option. 

The printing experience you’ll get on Princh is very user-friendly for people of all ages, technical skills, and educational background.  Users usually are able to print without staff assistance. 

The process is pretty simple:
  • Download the free Princh app from Google Play or wherever you get your apps.
  • Tap to select printer.
  • Enter ID – (103543).
  • Select “Public Printer”.
  • Choose your print settings such as number of copies, print range, double sided printing and color or black and white printing.
  • Preview your print.
  • Select print.
  • Make sure the order specifications are what you want.
  • Check the box for “I accept the terms and conditions”.
  • Select “continue”.
  • Choose your payment: pay using a payment card, pay with Paypal or pay at the Library Circ desk. (If you would like to pick up your print-out during curbside service, we ask that you do not select pay at the desk).
  • Type your full name and click ok.
  • Schedule a pick-up with one of our staff. 


You can see some of the submissions by clicking the
following link:
Story Walk®
Updated 4-01-21
Put your mud boots on and check out the new story "Under in the Mud" written by Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell and illustrated by Mara C. Williams on our Story Walk® - Be sure to scan the QR Code at the end of the walk or check in on the google form (https://forms.gle/XYEJAggRGrSNFBX46) so we can see how many have taken the walk. Thank you!

  Library Nature Trail - Seasonal Audios

   Available on Events Page


Curbside Pickup FAQs

The Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library began offering curbside pickup service Friday, May 1, 2020. Here is how you can schedule an appointment:

  • You can place your requests online through Merlin or by calling the library at (715) 634-2161 during these designated hours: Monday, Thursday & Friday from 10 am – 4 pm, Tuesday 12 pm - 6:30 pm and Wednesday 10:30 am - 4 pm.
  • Please have your library card number ready if you call to make your requests.
  • You or a library staff member may schedule your curbside pickup Monday, Thursday or Friday between 11 am – 3 pm.
  • When your scheduled pickup time arrives:
  1. Park at the front of the library.
  2. If someone else is picking up their items, before you exit your car, please wait for that person to leave, and for a staff member to clean the table near the entrance and place your items there.
  3. Next, show your library card or ID through the front door to the staff person in the lobby. We want to be sure we have the correct items waiting for you.
  4. Once the staff gives you the thumbs up, you may take your items from the table. After you leave, the staff will clean the table and place the next person’s items there.


If your question is not addressed here, please call the library Monday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 4 pm, Tuesday 12 pm - 6:30 pm and Wednesday 10:30 am - 4 pm for assistance.

Q. How do I request items for pickup?

A. You can request items using our online  Merlin Card Catalog  or by calling (715) 634-2161 from 10 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday. If you request items through Merlin, you also can schedule a pick up time through our online calendar at https://calendly.com/haywardlibrarycurbside. When you request items by phone, please limit your order to a reasonable quantity. When you call the library, we will schedule a time for you to pick up your items, from 11 am – 2 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Pickup appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis during the hours designated above.
  • At your scheduled pickup time, come to the library and your items will be on a table near the front entrance.

Q. I have fines on my account. May I still request and check out materials?

A. If your fines are less than $5, you can still request and check out materials. If your fines are $5 or more, you can pay your fines online with a debit or credit card.

Q. Can I request items from other NWLS libraries, or from libraries outside of our system?

A. Yes you may order items from libraries within NWLS and from outside of system, but beware that items will take much longer to get to your library because of quarantine times.

 Q. What should I do with the library materials I already have checked out?

A. You can renew items online or by calling the library, or you can return items into our drop box. If you return items in the drops, please wait in your car if someone else is picking up their items or staff is outside near the entrance or drop boxes. When you return your items, they are quarantined for 96 hours, then are cleaned and checked in with the date the items were removed from the drop box. Your items will be on your record until the 72-hour quarantine time is over, but no need for concern.

Q. How soon will my library items be checked in?

A. All items must be quarantined for 96 hours before staff can sanitize them and check them in.

 Q. If I request something, can I pick it up the same day?

A. Requested materials will be ready for pickup 2 business days after the request is made. Here’s a timetable:

Request Friday, Saturday or Sunday – earliest pickup is  Tuesday.

          Request Monday – earliest pickup is Wednesday.

          Request Tuesday – earliest pickup is Thursday.

          Request Wednesday – earliest pickup is Friday.

          Request Thursday – earliest pickup is Monday.

Q. Why do I have to wait so long before I can pick up items?

A. When filling requests, we must limit the number of staff in the building to follow social distancing guidelines. Also, only one person, wearing a mask and washing their hands and using hand sanitizer frequently, will fill your order from taking your call or online request to placing it in a plastic bag.

Q. I have items on hold which were ready to be picked up before the library closed, but  couldn’t pick them up in time! Can I still come and get them?

A. Yes! Please call (715) 634-2161 to schedule a pickup time for your items.

Q. Can I donate items to the library?

A. NO donations will be accepted at this time. Please hold onto them if you wish to donate them at a later date, to be announced.

Q. Should I quarantine items when I get home?

A. While we are making every effort to sanitize library items according to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we ask that you use your own judgement as to whether these items should be quarantined again, in your own home, before using them.

Q. Can I come into the library?

A. Yes, you may make appointments anytime to come into the library on Tuesdays from 12:30 - 6:30 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Please wear a mask and practice social distancing when you approach library staff inside or outside of the library. We LOVE seeing all of you again, but need to make sure we all stay safe and well!


Professional and personal enrichment online courses. Taught by experts in their field 12x per year for all NWLS area library users!
Go to this website to open your world:



 Links to get you through Covid-19:

Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library Pandemic Plan

Protect Yourself and Others From Coronavirus

Unemployment COVID-19 Public Information (https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/covid19/public/ui.htm)

Financial Resources to Help Get Through COVID-19 (https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/toughtimes/covid-19-financial-resources/)

Please see the Events Page for some great upcoming library programs online! 


 Tax Forms

We currently have Federal 1040 & 1040 SR Forms & instructions. 

We are still waiting for WI State Forms.

“Here’s a link people can use to file taxes online for free. Please note that the S&R Weiss Community Library does not insure or deny the validity of this company. We suggest that you search for information on MyFreeTaxes online before you actually use it.”


Access to Ancestry has been temporarily expanded to library cardholders working remotely, courtesy of ProQuest and its partner Ancestry. Remote access will be available until the end of April and will be re-evaluated monthly as needed. Steps to do this:
1) Open incognito window (click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner) or type the following link in a new browser bar.
2) https://www.northernwaters.org/ancestry-library-edition/
3) Password: merlinancestry
4) Click on link or ancestry image


Library Hours

Temporarily Changed Due to COVID-19:

Mon./Wed. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Building Is Open 

Tues. 12 noon - 7 p.m. Building Is Open

Thurs./Fri. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Curbside Pickup Appointments



New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day
December 26
New Year's Eve Day

Note: During dangerous winter weather, the library automatically closes when the Hayward School System closes or changes over to online learning only. 

Friends of the Library

The Used Book Room has reopened on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the library is open for browsing.     

Former Hours: 

Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sat.- 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., when volunteers are available.

See our Events Page Calendar for information about our annual book sale, and our Friends of the Library Page for donation guidelines and volunteering for the Friends. 

Hayward Library Foundation (HLF)

The Hayward Library Foundation, Ltd. seeks funds to support the Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library in perpetuity, to better serve the needs of all members of the Hayward area community and its visitors.

Please see their website at www.haywardlibraryfoundation.org / or find them on Facebook!

The Community Meeting Room

Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19. 

  • For availability, please check our Meeting Room Online Web Calendar  
  • To reserve the Meeting Room, please call 715-634-2161 or email us at hlibrary@hayward.wislib.org
  • The room is available free of charge to non-profit entities. For profit entities may rent the room at $20.00 for up to four hours and $40.00 for four hours or more.  It is available any time of day...a key card is needed to enter the front doors if the meeting is held during our closed hours. 
  • The room includes a sink, counter top and refrigerator. It also has a podium, laptop, wireless network, sound system and LCD projector. There are various tables and chairs.  
  • The room size is approximately 25' x 24'. 
  • Restrooms and water fountains are available across the hallway. 

Weiss Community Library Book Clubs



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